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Artist Anthony Cavins

Artist Anthony Cavins....and Walter
Artist Anthony Cavins….and Walter

Anthony Cavins is an artist working across disciplines in Atlanta, GA.  While he is primarily an oil paint on canvas and panel artist, his “Space Age” focus in his own words “is a series that uses a afrofuturism and retro-futurism to speak on earthling interactions.”  Like many children all over the world he was caught up in the lure of science fiction and stories of anything that is out of this world.

Coming together in a blend of mixed media and an evolvlng style, he combines retrofuturism with a fresh take and differing techniques and mediums.  Drawing from a family rich in the arts, whether its his grandmother, a painter or one of his many cousins or uncles who are photographers Anthony makes use of the fundamentals from various masters including Van Gough, just as a musician builds off the works of others to create something unique to themselves.
In the end Anthony Cavins is an artist aiming for the balance between “honest and obvious” and coming from someone who tries to learn from every experience we can only hope he is able to find the balance and pie that he is looking for.


“Enough Is Enough” – City of Ink, ATL, Feb 27th (group)

“Wait Let me Delineate” – Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, March 7 2014 (Solo)

“To Finite & Beyond” –  Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, June 2012 (Solo)

“UAH Alumni Show” – University of Huntsville in Alabama November 2012 (Group)